123G-2 – Information Assurance/Security Specialist (Journeyman) – Government

C.4.4.1   Subtask 1 – Knowledge Management
Description: The Contractor shall be responsible for knowledge management activities in support of DCOS operations. The Contractor shall develop and refine DCOS standard operating procedures, design and improve information sharing throughout DCOS, and coordinate training/exercise planning for all DCOS personnel (Military, Civilian, and Contractor).  The Contractor shall be responsible for continuity of services as data sources evolve to changes in the Marine Corps’ technical computing environment as well as by mandates from USCYBERCOM.

The Contractor shall:

a.       Maintain the body of documentation that describes the tactics, techniques and

procedures that comprise the DCOS Knowledge Management team (Section F,

Deliverable 16).

b.      Create, edit, and manage a DCOS collaborative SharePoint site to coordinate operations, documentation, and training.

c.       Coordinate schedule and logistics for all DCOS training, exercise, and travel in support of operational requirements.

d.      Coordinate and manage internal training calendars via NIPRNET EKO, post and advertise available classes (See attachment T for a Sample Training Calendar).

e.       Advise and assist all personnel with their applicable position training requirements and assist all personnel in registration of training classes via DCOS training calendar and/or through a third-party vendor.

f.        Administer all aspects of the DCOS web presence, to include development and refinement of the current Sharepoint instances and any future requirements.

g.      Maintain format and content for the existing DCOS Training and Exercise Employment Plan (TEEP); Collect internal updates and publish weekly for internal information awareness.

h.      Maintain the DCOS personnel recall roster and POC databases.

i.        Track the DCOS personnel training; collect internal updates and publish weekly for internal awareness.

j.        Format correspondence, briefs, and operational products per the standards set forth in the Secretary of the Navy Manual (SECNAV-M) 5216.5, “Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual,” dated March 2010 or other organizational standard.

k.      Develop and manage the methods to capture, share, and better utilize DCOS organizational knowledge.

8570 IAT Certification Requirements:  N/A
8570 CNDSP Certification Requirements:  N/A
Clearance Requirements:  Secret, TS preferred
Shift Requirements:  Standard shift, M-F