Matt Whitehorn


Managing Consultant

Matt Whitehorn graduated from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN with a BS in Mechanical Engineering but has shifted his focus having 15 years of software design, development, implementation and integration experience for server/client desktop applications, web based applications and database solutions for various environments. In addition to his software experience, he has served as systems architect and technical lead for various projects and proposals in several industries. He has also been a certified Agile ScrumMaster and has served as Agile trainer for various companies.

Although his degree is in Mechanical Engineering, through his senior dissertation, he fell in love with software development. He developed a wireless handheld quality system still utilized by Ford Motor Company in their North American assembly plans and became 802.11 site survey certified by Cisco. He created a client/server kiosk system for programming key fobs for the Ford Focus as well as developed a reporting portal for assembly line JIT metrics. He designed a fleet management system for the M1A1 Abrams tank and developed a software dashboard so that commanders could wirelessly get the health of their tank fleet at a glance. Matt then moved into system architecture where he worked on various proposal efforts and introduced Agile Scrum to a software product development working with an excellent team of developers to create a Mimosa OSA-EAI compliant software stack. Most recently he created a web based STIP software solution for SCDOT to automatically generate their federal plan reports.

Matt is known as a problem solver. He focuses on providing the right business solutions with the right technology but firmly believes that common sense business processes are at the core of an efficient business. Matt is eager to facilitate and collaborate, but knows when to end the discussion and make a decision. He has the ability to see the big picture, but also see the details that make the picture a work of art. Matt likes to spend time with his wife and their two children.


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