Neal Hicks



Neal joined the Summit 7 team in December of 2013 and is currently providing full-time SharePoint support onsite at KCTCS. Having worked in IT for eight years in many areas of industry across a variety of environments, he has provided a wide scope of hardware and software support and deployment functions, ranging from server, to infrastructure, to end-user, to translation and interpretation.

Having been born in Japan and having spent the majority of his life there, he is fluent in both Japanese and English. He attended Temple University in Japan where he obtained a BA in Communications. In his own time, he pursued and obtained IT related certifications (MCSA/MCSE and CCNA.) Passionate about technology, he enjoys working in challenging environments taking every opportunity to grow his skills and evolve as both a person and an IT professional.

In his free time, Neal enjoys spending as much time as possible with his fiancé, music (playing guitar and vocals), reading, working on writing and publishing his first science fiction novel, and experimenting with new technologies in his home domain environment.