You Must Be This Tall to Ride

Recently, there's been some ferment in the Exchange community around a post written by VMware's Deji Akomolafe titled "A Stronger Case For Virtualizing Exchange Server 2013 - Think 'Performance'" and the response from Tony Redmond, "VMware tells Microsoft that they don't know anything about Exchange 2013 performance." A lively debate has ensued, with the debaters mostly falling into two groups, one fervently pro-virtualization and the other pointing out (quite rightly IMHO) that virtualization often hinders more than it helps.

Calculating the number of site collections for a given database in SharePoint

I've often thought the default number of site collections allowed in a content database is just silly. While you can put 5000+ site collections in a single database, in most environments, that's unrealistic. When I teach this part of the SharePoint 2013 course, I relate several elements in the product that work together to help the ITPro SharePoint Farm administrator manage their databases.

cloud challenge Cloud computing is not a quick fix. It requires long-term planning and support.

Take a long-term approach to cloud deployments to maximize results

Cloud computing is such a valuable solution that some organizations may be so eager to start using the service that they overlook the long-term planning process. The technology is not going anywhere, so there is no need to rush any deployment. Corporate decision-makers should find an affordable and functional product that supports the unique needs of their employers, not just select the least expensive suite on the market.

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SharePoint 2013: Maximum Web Parts per Page

The Problem:

This week, I found out a very interesting fact: there is a limit to the number of Web Parts a page can have in SharePoint 2013. I know what you are thinking: How on Earth did someone find out there was a limit to Web Parts on a page in SharePoint. Or if you were me, it was, "Holy smokes that is crazy, but interesting!"