Windows Update

Tips for Updating Your Servers and Workstations

Microsoft releases a batch of updates for Windows at least once a month on what has been termed "Patch Tuesday" (the second Tuesday of each month). These are important updates to protect your servers and may even provide additional functionality. When it comes to patching your servers, it can be very nerve-wracking. I have provided several tips that can be used to ensure your patching goes smoothly.


You Must Be This Tall to Ride

Recently, there's been some ferment in the Exchange community around a post written by VMware's Deji Akomolafe titled "A Stronger Case For Virtualizing Exchange Server 2013 - Think 'Performance'" and the response from Tony Redmond, "VMware tells Microsoft that they don't know anything about Exchange 2013 performance." A lively debate has ensued, with the debaters mostly falling into two groups, one fervently pro-virtualization and the other pointing out (quite rightly IMHO) that virtualization often hinders more than it helps.

Calculating the number of site collections for a given database in SharePoint

I've often thought the default number of site collections allowed in a content database is just silly. While you can put 5000+ site collections in a single database, in most environments, that's unrealistic. When I teach this part of the SharePoint 2013 course, I relate several elements in the product that work together to help the ITPro SharePoint Farm administrator manage their databases.

cloud challenge Cloud computing is not a quick fix. It requires long-term planning and support.

Take a long-term approach to cloud deployments to maximize results

Cloud computing is such a valuable solution that some organizations may be so eager to start using the service that they overlook the long-term planning process. The technology is not going anywhere, so there is no need to rush any deployment. Corporate decision-makers should find an affordable and functional product that supports the unique needs of their employers, not just select the least expensive suite on the market.