Cloud A new survey found a majority of companies are leveraging cloud computing.

Businesses not using cloud computing are on the outside looking in

Cloud computing has reached a point where it seems more companies are using the technology than those that aren't. This makes is necessary for those hesitant to embrace the service to rethink their stance if they want to remain competitive with their closest rivals. A new RightScale survey discovered 93 percent of organizations rely on cloud suites or are experimenting with such applications. More than 80 percent of respondents have hybrid strategies in place, up 8 percent from 2014.

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SharePoint 2013: Understanding My Sites Error “User not Found”

A few weeks ago, we received an issue from one of our customers trying to access the My Site of a user who had been deleted from Active Directory. Their managers were receiving emails with links to My Sites, but the links did not display the My Site for them. When they clicked on the link, they would get "Sorry, something went wrong. User not found."

cloud challenge Some businesses are still reporting some concerns with cloud computing.

Despite challenges, businesses can still adopt cloud successfully

Cloud computing set up shop in the IT industry in a big way recently, enabling companies of all sizes to adopt services and solutions without forking over most of their annual budgets. Although the pricing of the technology is right, there are still some persistent issues that keep organizations from maximizing their investments in these scalable environments.

cloudwireblog Costs are no longer the defining characteristic of cloud computing.

Successful cloud deployments are based on functionality/fit, not just price

Organizations planning to adopt cloud computing in the near future likely gravitate toward pricing when comparing various suites. With giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft pushing the technology forward, it is not surprising that companies are eager to receive some impressive deals from vendors competing for their business. However, with the cloud already affordable, firms should turn their attention toward how the service functions and fits within their unique operations.