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Feel me Flow – Process Automation with Microsoft Flow

It's no secret that Microsoft is making a concerted effort to transition from custom implementations of anything under the Office 365 umbrella. This is a very good thing. It brings overall stability to the platform which is what everyone expects. Organizations pay for a service and they want this service to provide their content and provide it any time they need it.


Retrieve All SharePoint Service Accounts with PowerShell

SharePoint uses many service accounts. When I say service accounts, I mean all non-user accounts that are used by or managed within SharePoint. This includes managed accounts, application pool accounts, the "Log on as" accounts for Windows Services pertaining to SharePoint, Unattended Service Application Accounts, Search crawl accounts, and more.


Know your Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 _spPageContextInfo

As I've worked with SharePoint over the past several years, more specifically the client side development aspect of it, one component of JavaScript Object Model that I can't live without is the _spPageContextInfo object. It is available within every SharePoint page after the SharePoint Client Context object has been loaded. The _spPageContextInfo object has been available since SharePoint 2010 and has grown since then to include the following attributes.

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Get Notifications of reddit Messages

When I write a blog, I usually cross-post it to reddit in hopes that it might help someone. I'm not a reddit user, so I'm never in it. This week, I discovered that someone had commented on one of my posts 3 months ago. I had no idea. I just assumed that reddit would email me if there was a comment. I found out this week that, nope, it doesn't. That really stinks. I don't want to leave people hanging again, so I decided I'd figure out a solution.


Cloud SSA Limitation: Windows Claims Only

In the August 2015 cumulative update for SharePoint 2013 (and SharePoint 2016), Microsoft released a new, powerful capability: the Cloud Search Service Application (SSA). The Cloud SSA is a powerful new hybrid technology that finally delivers on what most hybrid search users were looking for: a unified index for unified results.