Azure VPN – IKE/Authip Quick Mode Failure

Recently, while working on an Azure project that involved setting up site-to-site VPN connections for a customer we ran into an issue where we were getting an authentication failure when attempting to connect the on-premises VPN gateway with the Azure VPN gateway. Specifically, we were seeing the following errors in the AzureVnetGateway diagnostics.

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4 Ways to Identify Issues with User Adoption in Your Intranet

Have you ever found yourself in the constant battle between searching for something but not finding it in the one place it should be? A good example is a sock drawer. You want to wear those new blue argyle socks you bought, but you keep digging and digging through your drawer, only to come up short. You know they should be there, in fact, you distinctly remember putting them there, but you are having no such luck in finding them.

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Summit 7 Systems Announces College Football Pick’em Contest

Winter is coming. No, that’s not right, I mean Fall. Fall is coming. Although it’s still 95 degrees here, in a matter of weeks, we’ll transition from frying eggs on the sidewalk to cooler temperatures and color changes on the trees. Summit 7 Systems is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama - so we actually have a 5th season each year – college football season.