Partner Case Study: Nintex Helps AcronymIT to Stay on Top of the Sales Lifecycle

For average consumers, an expired software license is a temporary hiccup—they can’t view a video or render a spreadsheet the way they’re accustomed to. But for government entities, such a “hiccup” has the potential to halt the production of hundreds of thousands of workers.

That’s where AcronymIT (formerly Zallcom Pty Ltd) comes in. AcronymIT manages a secure software registry service for its clients. The cornerstone of their offering is the AboveBoard software register. This case study highlights the benefits and successes of implementing a Nintex solution.

AcronymIT had delivered seven years of solid service to their clients. But technology had advanced, as had business demands, and so it became clear to executives like Founder David Hall, that an automated and more cost-effective workflow was needed for their sales processing lifecycle so that it would be easier and faster to get vital reports and manage accounts.

From request for quote to the deliverable, our new workflow is comprehensive and nimble.David Hall - Founder and Chief Operating Officer, AcronymIT

An upgrade such as this would free the sales and management teams from chasing paper around the office, and instead let them concentrate on managing customers and promoting additional services, rather than ‘managing’ paper. Founder and COO David Hall knew just what he was looking for — a super-hero system that would eliminate mistakes and improve reporting so that he could make sure AcronymIT stayed on top.

The Importance of Automation

Since 2001, AcronymIT has sought to deliver the whole package, which is why they entered the IT professional services market — quite an undertaking as it is a competitive market. With the staggering information growth across all sectors and AcronymIT’s growing client base, inboxes were full and paperwork was reaching critical mass. Hall knew that continuing with manual processes just didn’t make sense. When things fall through the cracks, time and money blow out the window. A new backend solution that automatically linked data into the back-end was vital. They needed a solution that would ensure key customer management actions of the multi-step licensing process were not missed and important tasks like updating clients’ software asset registers would continue in a timely fashion as business grew.

The Right Partner Makes all the Difference

The Nintex 2013 software solution was presented to AcronymIT by Nintex partner-provider Technology Shed. Although Hall has been working in IT for years with a variety of software options, and even directed the coding of his own database, he was not familiar with the Nintex 2013 customizable front-end interface that connected Workflow with SharePoint, Office365, Xero accounting, and DocuSign. Technology Shed quickly set up the new solution for AcronymIT, and now 20-30 quotes can be handled in a day. Hall explains “My target on this has been to improve the efficiency of people doing quotes by up to 400%.”

The rapid workflow prototyping development methods of Technology Shed were successfully applied to this solution, which created a collaborative development process that incorporated the AcronymIT sales and management staff as key members of the design team. This ‘Workflow for Everyone’ development approach has enabled Technology Shed to deliver streamlined paperless workflows for AcronymIT, with fully integrated and automated processes, without any surprises.

Win-win Results

"From request to quote to deliverable, it’s up to 400% faster,” Hall says. “It’s really a ‘set-and-forget’ system. The Nintex solutions have spearheaded the transition to an essentially paperless office.”

The all-important data capture is now greatly simplified. There’s a lot less wasted time, and the employees are much happier with the new workflows. Critical steps have become automated, which minimizes repetitive steps and bursting inboxes. Hall explains that “happier employees are better employees, which becomes a win-win for everyone”.

Taking it on the Road

Acronym IT has replaced its entire infrastructure and moved to the cloud. PDFs and the new ‘nimble’ technology allow the freedom of meeting with suppliers in Melbourne or customers in Sydney. Hall explains, “We can be so much more responsive. We don’t have to come back to the office and run a report and configure it, we can do it online, we can do it while we’re there sitting with the client. It’s a lot more professional in our ability to drive new business.” Representing major software vendors like Adobe Systems, Trend Micro and Symantec is much easier with these solutions. The bottom line is improved overall service for the client. That’s the most important thing, and AcronymIT is getting it done.

"We can be so much more responsive. We don’t have to come back to the office and run a report and configure it, we can do it online, we can do it while we’re there sitting with the client." – David Hall, Founder & COO, AcronymIT

Technology & Processes

  • Nintex Forms replaced the existing AcronymIT quoting process and AboveBoard software register and provided automated, integrated, digital signature management
  • Information capture is automatic,in the cloud, and integrated with AcronymIT’s other solutions
  • Nintex Workflow provides automatic feeds from transactions to Xerox cloud accounting, SQL Server, integrated Outlook group mailboxes, and the SharePoint 2013 document management system
  • Nintex provides mobile devices workflow for management and sales staff
  • Reporting can be done online and in the field from the historic database Audit trail feature makes troubleshooting easy

"The Nintex solutions have spearheaded the transition to an essentially paperless office." – David Hall, Founder & COO, AcronymIT



AcronymIT (formerly Zallcom)
Business Situation
Founder David Hall knew that digital modernization and automation were necessary to keep client satisfaction on top while growing the business.
Nintex solution provides streamlined, automated workflows for customer quote requests that connect with Xero and AcronymIT’s software asset register, AboveBoard. The solution has resulted in faster service to the client, guaranteed responses and more efficient management of accounts.


  • 30% faster turnaround
  • 100% compliance and audit trails
  • 20% Sales Executive time saving from auto email management
  • Instant update of financials with zero effort

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