December 2015 Newsletter – SharePoint the Farm Awakens

December 2015 Newsletter – SharePoint the Farm Awakens

Posted by on Saturday, December 12th, 2015  


Help us AnchorPoint – you’re our only hope…

A long time ago in a farm far away… It is a period of civil war. Cloud VS Hybrid, should I upgrade to 2013 or go straight to 2016? During the battle, our AnchorPoint Support consultants managed to get their hands on the SharePoint empire’s ultimate weapon – experience. Pursued by countless hours of testing, upgrading, assessing, and troubleshooting, our AnchorPoint Support team is ready to save your SharePoint deployment and restore freedom to your farm…


SPDocKit Webinar:
“Assess Your SharePoint Farm Health”

There are some things you should know about your farm (before and after you upgrade). Knowing the state of your SharePoint farm is critical not just for your own sanity, but the health and maintenance of your existing farm.In this webinar, Jay Simcox provides best practices and recommended steps for proper farm assessments that will ease farm and farm administrator stress levels… View the slides or Watch the recording

Some Local Huntsville Flavor

Tinsel Trail
We’re excited to be among the many companies sponsoring spruces along the Tinsel Trail here in Huntsville, Alabama. You can walk the trail on social media using the #TinselTrail hashtag.
12 Days of Elfmas
It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Summit 7 Elf. Keep up with all of her antics at her personal webpage, her very own twitter account, or on the Summit 7 Facebook page.

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