Platforms and Software We Support
Our team holds certifications and passes the highest level of testing from Microsoft
Microsoft 365

  • Office 365 Tenant Administration
  • Feature Configuration
  • Hybrid Connectivity and Support
  • Workload Configuration

Microsoft Azure

  • Office 365 Tenant Administration
  • Feature Configuration
  • Hybrid Connectivity and Support
  • Workload Configuration

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Office 365 Tenant Administration
  • Feature Configuration
  • Hybrid Connectivity and Support
  • Workload Configuration

Nintex Workflow and Forms

  • Workflow Assistance and Troubleshooting
  • Installation and Licensing
  • Forms Assistance and Troubleshooting

Go beyond managed support
Acquire a team of Microsoft experts and cloud pros
without a million dollar overhead expense

AnchorPoint Support is a managed support service focusing on SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Nintex, and associated products/hardware/software. Improve your operational efficiency, reduce the number of unexpected problems, reduce operational expenses, and increase your user experience.

Make the most of your IT systems. We provide support from preventative monitoring and maintenance of your system, to as-need break/fix support. Additionally, our team includes a number of regulatory compliance specialists to help bring your infrastructure and governance up to code.

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How can AnchorPoint Support help you?
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Managed services are not just about offloading. They should also be about adding value back into your organization. Our approach to managed services is not about simply providing a support line, but a point of knowledge transfer to help elevate your staff and increase our value.

We achieve our 100% Microsoft customer service rating by communicating before-during-after each support contract. Each ticket is handled with automated confirmations and customers are made aware of all progress along the way. However, the critical component of our customer experience originates from the shear breadth and depth of our technical staff – working first as administrators and developers for various organizations across a multitude of industries.

Support Overview

Office 365 Support Services
Navigating the sea of workloads and tenant configurations

  • Daily administrative tasks in your Office 365 tenant
  • Group and user licensing and provisioning
  • User adoption and security configuration guidance
  • Hybrid Connectivity Break/Fix Support

Azure Support Services
Managing the new cloud infrastructure

  • Update and patch management
  • Hybrid connectivity break/fix
  • Multi-location storage clean-up and cost savings guidance
  • Backup and recovery assistance

Compliance Management and Monitoring
Taking organizations past plans of action

  • Regulatory specific Microsoft Cloud configuration
  • Configuration mapping and platform strategy
  • Quarterly compliance and security score analysis

Maintenance and Health
SharePoint, SQL, Windows Server

  • Daily/weekly/monthly maintenance checks
  • Patching and backup/recovery
  • Certificate checks and tracking
  • Content DB monitoring and improvement

Operational Development
Best solutions can come when it's in the moment

  • Troubleshooting forms and workflows
  • Webpart and site development assistance
  • Template maintenance and support
  • Azure functions or SharePoint Framework guidance

Enterprise IT Administration
For all the ongoing fires and raccoons in the ceiling

  • IT documentation advisement and support
  • Hardware and software purchasing and implantation support
  • Web security and anti-virus protection
  • Anti-spam filtering and firewall management
  • Helpdesk and onsite support

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