BaseCamp – July 2012 – Mainstream Support for SharePoint 2007 to end in October (2012)

BaseCamp July 2012

Mainstream Support for SharePoint 2007 to end in October


SharePoint 2007 mainstream support is ending! Microsoft will continue to resolve security vulnerabilities, but hotfixes will no longer be created. This is a great time to consider upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010 if you haven’t done so. Summit 7 Systems has a proven track record in upgrades and migrations leveraging our years of experience and solid software partner lineup. Your upgrade is a great chance to realign your SharePoint platform with your business and fix the mistakes in your current environment! SharePoint 2010 also includes great content management additions; like in-place records management, document sets, enterprise content types, and the managed metadata service application. All in all, it’s a great time to upgrade your SharePoint!


If your strategic initiatives include realigning your SharePoint platform with your business or you would like to learn more about how it can benefit your organization, please Contact Us.


Next Version of SharePoint from Summit 7 Systems


Are you ready for the next version of SharePoint? Tons of new features are coming that will continue the march towards using SharePoint as a business critical platform. Summit 7 Systems offers a Roadmap and Strategy session for many ECM , Search, and BPM platforms, but we are especially versed in SharePoint and the coming version. You can leverage our extensive experience with SharePoint 2013 and how to upgrade current versions and realize awesome ROI by migrating legacy ECM products into SharePoint 2013! We can create a strategy that truly aligns with the goals and objectives of your business. As part of our strategy engagements, we will show you a step by step plan to SharePoint platform success. You won’t have to guess – you’ll know exactly what is needed to reach the next level in your SharePoint maturity.

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Best Practices for Migration to SharePoint Whitepaper by Jason Miller

It’s time to migrate to the next version of SharePoint, but first, understanding the best practices will determine the success of the migration. Jason Miller and Quest team up to deliver several of those best practices in this white paper. You will understand how to:

  • Establish good governance
  • Develop an effective communication plan
  • Perform thorough discovery and assessment
  • Evaluate the available migration approaches
  • Review the technical requirements for your target SharePoint version

While this paper focuses on migrations to SharePoint 2010, the methodology can be applied to migrations to future versions of SharePoint as well. Download Best Practices for Migration to SharePoint 2010 or Contact Us for more information.


Join us at SPTechCon in Boston

We would like to invite you to join us this July 22-25 at SPTechCon in beautiful downtown Boston. Ben Curry and Mark Rackley will be representing Summit 7 Systems this year at SPTech Con Boston. Come to these sessions to see real-world, proven approaches to project and platform success:

Register here for SP Tech Con Boston 2012. To see where Summit 7 Systems experts will be next on our Events Page or follow us on Twitter.


Integrating SharePoint and Bing Maps

Solutions Architect, Mark Rackley, covers integrating Bing Maps into SharePoint.

By far one of the most simple jQuery demos I show during one of my sessions that also seems to get the best reaction is a demo where I show how quickly you can integrate SharePoint and Bing Maps. Using jQuery you can easily make an address from a SharePoint list appear in Bing Maps using the Bing Maps API.

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Resolving PowerPivot Kerberos/Persmission Error

Ben Curry, Principle Architect and Managing Partner at Summit 7 Systems, troubleshoots permission errors.
In Tableu (or Excel), when you try and open an XLSX as a datasource using the whole URL, you get a permissions error. It ends up it’s simply that the web.config for the PowerPivot ISAPI is set to use NTLM and not Kerberos…we tried and tried to find the root of the problem…

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Speaking Engagements:


July 19
Rocket City SharePoint User Group
Jay Simcox


July 19
SharePoint Re-design and User Adoption Seminar
Ben Curry


July 22-25
SPTechCon, Boston
Ben Curry & Mark Rackley


July 28
SharePoint Saturday, New York
Ben Curry


August 9
SharePoint Re-design and User Adoption Seminar
Ben Curry


August 22
SharePoint Saturday, The Conference
Mark Rackley


September 8
SharePoint Saturday, Ozarks
Mark Rackley


October 16
KM World Enterprise Search Summit 2012
Ben Curry