BaseCamp – May 2012 – Enterprise Search on a Single, Cost-effective Infrastructure

BaseCamp May 2012

Enterprise Search on a Single, Cost-effective Infrastructure

Search can no longer be perceived solely as a stand-alone application within the enterprise environment. It is increasingly woven into everything we do and has quickly become the gateway to any and all information in the organization. The inability to rapidly find what you are looking for is frustrating, time consuming and reduces profitability.


In the Enterprise, line of business systems and information silos of user-created content hold data of tremendous value, but are often disconnected from each other and more importantly, the users. Let us help you define your search strategy and create the right Enterprise Search solution that works best for you. Summit 7 Systems can help identify your unique needs starting with your key business challenges and defining how to bring order to your chaos.


If your strategic initiatives include Enterprise Search or you would like to learn more about how it can benefit your organization, please Contact Us.


Businesses get a "Do over" with SharePoint Re-design and User Adoption Seminar


Ben Curry of Summit 7 Systems and Bill English of Mindsharp are offering a limited one-day intensive course on how to properly re-design SharePoint after a failed implementation.


Many SharePoint implementations have generated disappointing results for businesses. This one-day seminar is for enterprise application architects, system administrators, project managers, business analysts and other professionals responsible for the success of a SharePoint implementation at their organization. Each seminar is limited to 15 participants from non-competing businesses. Bill English, CEO of Mindsharp, and Ben Curry, principle architect and managing partner of Summit 7 Systems, will be leading the seminars, which will take place in the following locations on the following dates:

June 7 – Huntsville, Alabama

July 19 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

August 9 – Washington, D.C.

“This seminar is not a technical seminar that focuses on how to configure or customize SharePoint. Instead, the focus is on the business, project and strategic aspects of a SharePoint implementation,” said Ben Curry, managing partner of Summit 7 Systems. “This seminar is unique because it provides businesses with the opportunity to jump-start a disappointing SharePoint deployment and turn it into a great deployment that offers significant business value.”

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Mark Rackley joins Summit 7 Systems

We are proud to announce that Mark Rackley will join the Summit 7 Systems team as a Solutions Architect later this month. Mark brings 17 years of experience in developing software applications, as well as experience in roles as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Lead Developer, and Solutions Architect. Mark has worked in large corporate environments, small software start-ups, and as a consultant bringing real world knowledge and experience to his blogs and presentations.


Summit 7 Systems President and Managing Partner Scott Edwards said "We are very glad to have Mark on board. His dedication to his customers and the SharePoint community fits right in with the culture at Summit 7 Systems. He is a perfect addition to our team."



Plotting a Course for SharePoint in the Enterprise with Mindsharp

Friday, May 18th at 10am, Ben Curry of Summit 7 Systems and Bill English of Mindsharp will

have an open and frank discussion about governance, adoption patterns, communication paths, and more. If you’re lucky, there’s an outside chance they may even argue a few topics! (They agree on about 80% of what they willl present). You will be introduced to some of the latest research and methods for truly aligning SharePoint with the business. Followed by a Q&A session.

  • Does understanding a company’s core values matter in your SharePoint design? What about your organization's mission?
  • Do you know if your users are likely to accept change?
  • Is your SharePoint platform agile, yet well governed?
  • What adoption patterns have we seen over the years?

Come to this Webinar to learn how to build strategies around these topics.

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Touch Optimized jQuery Picture Gallery in SharePoint 2010 and Office 365

Jason Cribbet, Summit 7 Systems Senior Developer, samples TouchTouch Gallery for SharePoint.

Last week, I came across a couple of blog posts that talked about the TouchTouch Gallery which is a jQuery based image viewer that is optimized for touch screen devices. After checking it out, I figured it would be a good thing to throw into SharePoint 2010 (more specifically, my Cribtososandbox site) and see how it worked.

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Speaking Engagements:

May 18
"Plotting a Course for SharePoint in the Enterprise" Webinar
Ben Curry


June 2
SharePoint Saturday, Atlanta
Daniel Webster


June 2
SharePoint Saturday, St. Louis
Mark Rackley


June 6
"Deploying and Planning SharePoint Governance" Webinar
Jason Batchelor


June 7
SharePoint Re-design and User Adoption Seminar
Ben Curry


June 19
"Enabling Business Critical Solutions with SP2010" Webinar
Ben Curry


June 20
Week3: “The State of Macs and Mobile Devices with SharePoint” Webinar
Jason Miller


July 19
SharePoint Re-design and User Adoption Seminar
Ben Curry


July 22-25
SPTechCon, Boston
Ben Curry & Mark Rackley


July 28
SharePoint Saturday, New York
Ben Curry


August 9
SharePoint Re-design and User Adoption Seminar
Ben Curry


September 8
SharePoint Saturday, Branson
Mark Rackley

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