Design and Branding

Changing the way SharePoint looks can be a daunting task.  The key to a successful branding and design implementation is keeping a consistent user experience.  Content and the end users determine the success of a SharePoint implementation. We use these factors as the driving force for all of our branding and design offerings.

  • Wireframes
  • Visual Mockups
  • Custom CSS
  • Customized Master Pages
  • Theme Development
  • Content Page Layouts
  • User Experience & Acceptance Testing
  • Marketing Plan for End User Awareness

Branding and Design for SharePoint comes in many forms and levels of complexity. We can help you determine your branding needs based on your requirements. We also provide User Experience guidance with User Interface customization.  We will work with you to implement your needs, whether it is a full end to end customization of a SharePoint site or the conversion of an existing design into a reality.

Make your dream design a reality.


Our vision was for a single intranet that would span all of our county organizations and allow managers to keep employees fully informed about our County. In addition to providing the platform for internal communications, the new intranet was to deliver a range of services and capabilities across a number of mobile platforms and devices. Summit 7 Systems was an excellent partner to execute our intranet and the project was so well received that we are launching our public site in late 2013 using their branded design for our county.– Ryan J. Ellis, Records Management Officer & System Architect

Branding and Web Design