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Are you ready for the next version of SharePoint? Tons of new features are coming that will continue the march towards using SharePoint as a business critical platform. All of the new features and platform complexities add to the challenge of creating a platform migration strategy that aligns with your business needs. Likewise, SharePoint Server 2013 doesn’t even offer the in-place upgrade option!  How will you plan to move your existing environment into the new environment without overly complicating your installation or configuration? Should you start with fresh information architecture, or database attach using your current information architecture, or a combination of migration and database attach?

Summit 7 Systems offers a Roadmap and Strategy session for many ECM, Search, and BPM platforms, but we are especially versed in SharePoint. You can leverage our extensive experience with SharePoint 2013 and how to upgrade current versions. Realize awesome ROI by migrating legacy ECM products into SharePoint 2013! We can create a strategy that truly aligns with the goals and objectives of your business. As part of our strategy engagements, we will show you a step-by-step plan to SharePoint platform success. You won’t have to guess – you’ll know exactly what is needed to reach the next level in your SharePoint maturity.

Key Components for a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade can include:

  • Identifying content for upgrade or migration
  • Evaluation of physical hardware needs
  • Configuring Service Applications appropriately
  • Identifying Third Party tools to assist with the Migration
  • Identifying and aligning new platform features with business needs

When looking for a partner to help your organization continue down the path to a SharePoint  Upgrade, Summit 7 Systems has the experience to make your project successful. We will use our years of experience to guide you through the best practices, planning decision points, third party migration solutions and pre-upgrade tools to help you successfully conquer your upgrade challenges.



SharePoint Server 2013 provides better tools for ECM and Navigation to further align your organization’s Information Architecture need with that of your organization. A thoughtful and knowledgeable approach towards effective use of the Managed Metadata Service and the Term Store will increase SharePoint adoption.


SharePoint Server 2013 greatly improves eDiscovery capability over SharePoint Server 2010. We can discover sites, file shares, and even Exchange mailboxes! With rich query capabilities and exporting, eDiscovery features alone will drive some organizations to upgrade to SharePoint Server 2013.


We get all of the SharePoint Server 2013 records capability, and now have site level policies and even Exchange 2013 mailboxes.


SharePoint Server 2013 allows Web designers to work with the tools they are already comfortable with. Beyond the significant improvements to the “in browser” design and editing experience, SharePoint Server 2013 also supports improved site design. Designers can now use tools, like Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression, Microsoft Word, and other HTML editors. This can further reduce IT’s involvement in the page publishing and approval process, and speed up time to delivery as a result.


SharePoint Server 2013 is a huge upgrade from SharePoint Server 2010 – both in scalability and analytics. We have better user interfaces, we know more about what users are looking for, and have more control over relevance rankings. We also are getting some of the FAST features, such as entity discovery and extraction. If you were considering a new enterprise search platform, SharePoint Server 2013 might easily fit the bill.


SharePoint Server 2013 introduces a much needed and improved mobile browsing experience. Users now have three choices of how they’ll view SharePoint Server 2013 content on their mobile device: Contemporary view (optimized mobile browser experience to users and renders in HTML5), Classic view (renders in HTML format, or similar markup languages and provides backward compatibility), and the classic experience (identical to the mobile browser experience of SharePoint Server 2010), and of course a Full screen UI.

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Plan your Upgrade and Migration with a SDPS certified partner

Summit 7 Systems is uniquely positioned to provide a service that allows you to plan your SharePoint deployment through the use of your Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) benefits.Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) is a software assurance benefit for customers, which is a pre-defined paid service offering delivered by partners to plan an effective SharePoint deployment.