A company’s information assets can account for as much as 50% of corporate spending — or more — so it’s imperative to know the best way to utilize IT in shaping your firm’s strategies.

Summit 7 Systems is on a mission to streamline the way people work together and enhance productivity, so that communication, collaboration and output can flourish. We optimize your infrastructure so innovation and output go up while costs and complexity go down. We work to ensure that you have the most cost-effective solutions that meet your needs for critical components of Business Productivity.

The proven solutions provided by the expert team at Summit 7 Systems improve the efficiency of collaboration between your business units and provide a user friendly method for locating the relevant information within your organization.




Businesses are facing increasing pressure to manage the interactions between business applications, the internet, and increasing amounts of data. Summit 7 Systems can help you develop custom solutions that will help to integrate these elements and manage the data. Our expertise in Microsoft SharePoint allows us to create powerful integrated solutions built on the Microsoft Office platform so your users can work in a familiar and intuitive environment.

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Summit 7 Systems’ QuickStart’s are fast roadmap planning and information assessments to design and develop a comprehensive framework for your SharePoint environment, compliance strategy or cloud solution. Our QuickStart’s accelerate the development and deployment of your SharePoint infrastructure and provide the knowledge transfer necessary to maintain and extend SharePoint within your organization.

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When looking for a partner to help your organization continue down the path to Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2010, Summit 7 Systems has the experience to make your implementation successful.

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Summit 7 Systems can design and implement an Intranet that meets your business needs today and into the future by providing consultants dedicated to understanding your business’s unique requirements and making technology work for you.

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A successful extranet can be critical for success at organizations that need to work with people outside of their organization or provide flexible working options. At Summit 7 Systems, we can help you plan and implement an extranet that meets the demands of your organization.

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Your web site is a vital extension of your business. Often, it presents that critical first impression would-be customers judge you on. It must be professionally designed, dynamic, informative, and easy to use.Summit 7 Systems has the experience to provide you with both the design and execution of a top-tier Internet site.

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