Business Process Management

Defining an organization’s work stream can be a daunting challenge. Summit 7 Systems can help map and automate your critical business processes while improving your organization’s efficiency. We can assist you with process identification, requirements gathering for the process, and designing and implementing the solution. Once these processes are mapped and automated, you can benefit from reporting and analysis to allow your organization to set and meet goals.

We can assist you with Business Process Management and Automation, providing:

  • Process Re-engineering to improve efficiency
  • Workflow development to automate the processes
  • InfoPath Form creation and implementation
  • Structured methodology to improve your Business Process Automation project

Understanding your organizational value stream and its associated processes is a critical key to success.  Mapping, analyzing and automating those processes will allow your organization to mature and grow to the next level. The challenge in automating the processes is ensuring that the mapped process mirrors the actual execution of the work stream in your organization.  Until that is understood it is difficult to re-engineer and successfully automate the process using modern tools and methods.

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Organizational content is growing exponentially – both in paper and electronic digital media. The growth in content can either be realized as an asset or an impediment to the success of your organization. However, a key bottleneck for all content is the ingestion of this content into the organization and the ability to efficiently and effectively making use of this information and process it without additional overhead.