Compliance QuickStart

Compliance QuickStart for Microsoft SharePoint provides the platform strategy that protects confidential information and ensures regulatory compliance within SharePoint, creating the right environment for solid governance. Let us show you how Compliance QuickStart can help protect your SharePoint environment from harm or misuse while increasing compliance, access and manageability.

The organizations most in need of Compliance QuickStart’s capabilities are those seeking to avoid costly compliance and confidentially lapses. These include governmental institutions that must comply with Privacy Act of 1974, educational institutions that must comply with ADA Section 508 and FERPA, or regulated business that must comply with HIPAA and SOX, as well as any business concerned about intellectual property.

Compliance QuickStart is the best investment your organization can make to address risks before they occur, protecting your reputation and potential for litigation, as well as simply saving time and expense across the organization.

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Compliance QuickStart provides insight into the state of compliance of your SharePoint environment by delivering a comprehensive analysis surrounding operational risks, compliance infractions, governance, and access control management. Even better, Summit 7 Systems creates an actionable plan and automated tools to ease adherence to compliance and the safeguarding of intellectual property. With our understanding of your business and your processes, together we will create the right solution for your organization’s specific challenges and opportunities.


In recent years, organizations have increased their reliance on SharePoint, and it has grown from a midrange collaborative and document management platform to become a true enterprise platform. In fact, Gartner, the world’s leading information technology and advisory company, has given SharePoint Business Critical status, and SharePoint is a Gartner leader in ECM.

As organizations integrate line-of-business (LOB) systems – such as accounting, sales and/or engineering platforms – they can improve decision-making, processes and productivity. However, systems used by different departments must be aligned with great care. Otherwise, the organization’s overall performance could be affected – and at a high cost if information is not secure.

Summit 7 will show you how Compliance QuickStart can extend and enable compliance management within the SharePoint platform.


Organizations can no longer afford to ignore the business criticality of their SharePoint deployments. If your organization is like many, you could be operating at risk due to the demands of meeting regulatory compliance and the uncertainty of implementing the necessary administrative and technical controls. Compliance QuickStart and Summit 7 Systems will enable you to solve these problems:

Site Security – Compliance QuickStart brings focus to the management of sensitive data and the security required to protect your organization’s intellectual property, preventing the leakage of proprietary information that can cause financial losses.

Site Accessibility – Accessibility is addressed through a series of automated validation tests against compliance requirements including Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) 1.0 and 2.0.

Privacy – Privacy is a significant consideration for any organization that introduces high profile risks including financial and litigation risks. Privacy scans address handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) content through a series of automated and real-time tests to identify, classify, and secure sensitive privacy data.

Site Quality – Compliance QuickStart improves overall site quality and adherence with brand management and user experience. Rules are created for managing user experience and adherence to a consistent look and feel.

Reporting – Our software includes dashboards for providing compliance officers, executives, and administrators with the ability to monitor risks, identify issues, and compliance status over time.


Summit 7 Systems approaches each engagement with our client’s business and processes in mind. We understand how organizational culture affects practical application of technology implementations, and we also serve as an unbiased resource operating independent of your inter-organizational compliance functions.

Our highly skilled team comes with deep platform experience in On-Prem, Office 365 and as a Microsoft Certified Partner with multiple Gold competencies specializing in the Business Productivity infrastructure. Summit 7 Systems has also been placed in the 1% worldwide Microsoft Partners because our involvement with the Business Critical Program and our large competency set.

We will help you identify and solve the problems that keep organizational leaders awake at night, with an underlying concern about lapses that could put the organization in the morning’s news. With Summit 7 Systems’ Compliance Quickstart, organizations can rest assured with the confirmation of compliance and routine checks for continued compliance.

Let us show you how Compliance QuickStart can extend and enable compliance management within the SharePoint platform.