Enterprise Content Management

Information is power. Imagine how powerful your enterprise would be if you could access information on demand. A successful business requires a customized approach to how it captures, manages, preserves, disposes and delivers information. We design platforms and solutions that will help improve how your business manages information – from creation to promotion, deletion or archival. Our experienced evaluation team will help you analyze your existing information architecture in order to best assist you in developing a customized solution. Decades of design and implementation experience enable us to create a tailored solution that integrates traditional content management with social computing and robust search. Your business will have the power to climb higher than ever with Summit 7 Systems as your guide.

In order to optimize productivity, a system includes:

  • Baseline platform with scalability for structured and unstructured data
  • Easy integration and interoperability with existing systems
  • Integrated compliance functionality
  • Familiar and friendly user interface

When looking for a partner to help your organization continue down the path to Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2010, Summit 7 Systems has the experience to make your implementation successful.  We understand that true collaboration happens when users can quickly and effectively create and manage content. But, that capability often places organizations’ content in a chaotic and difficult to manage state. An effective Enterprise Content Management plan doesn’t ignore the collaboration and process automation strengths of SharePoint. Summit 7 Systems can help you design a platform that fosters collaboration and innovation while still allowing you to rein in your out of control content.

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