Enterprise Platform & Strategy

You need a road map and strategy for using SharePoint. Whether you introduced an enterprise platform from the beginning, or introduced parts over time, your organization’s success will depend on how well your technological tools are aligned with your overall vision. Summit 7 Systems will partner with you to identify and produce a strategic vision that integrates with your organization’s objectives and needs.

We will provide a vision and roadmap and give you real world analysis and create custom strategies for each business scenario. We don't take a cookie cutter approach to strategy development. We provide each organization with a customized approach that best fits their needs.

Get on the road to success.


Learn the 5 C's of Upgrading SharePoint
Upgrading SharePoint, is a long, detailed (and sometimes costly) process. Learn what to do before you start.
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Plan for the E5 Transition
Learn about the significant changes to Microsoft’s Office 365 licensing: the introduction of the Enterprise E5 suite.
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Our records management solution is about using our methodology, partnerships, and industry experience to create a Records Management solution that will enable your business to securely archive, manage and retain records in a way that preserves the integrity of business processes.

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Manage projects across your organization with improved communication, stronger collaboration, better resource allocation and greater efficiency. Summit 7 Systems’s Enterprise Project Management – Project Server will make it happen. Our solution includes basic setup and configuration of a baseline Project Server Portal for Project Management and is geared for those organizations with or without an existing SharePoint Platform.

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Defining an organization’s work stream can be a daunting challenge. Summit 7 Systems can help map and automate your critical business processes while improving your organization’s efficiency. We can assist you with process identification, requirements gathering for the process, designing and implementing the solution.  Once these processes are mapped and automated, you can benefit from reporting and analysis to allow your organization to set and meet goals.

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Organizational content is growing exponentially – both in paper and electronic digital media.  The growth in content can either be realized as an asset or an impediment to the success of your organization.  However, a key bottleneck for all content is the ingestion of this content into the organization and the ability to efficiently and effectively making use of this information and process it without additional overhead.

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Search can no longer be perceived solely as a stand-alone application within the enterprise environment. It is increasingly interwoven into everything we do, and has quickly become the gateway to any and all information in the organization. The inability to rapidly find what you are looking for is frustrating, time consuming and reduces profitability.

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Imagine how powerful your enterprise would be if you could access information on demand. A successful business requires a customized approach to how it captures, manages, preserves, disposes and delivers information. We design platforms and solutions that will help improve how your business manages information – from creation to promotion, deletion or archival. Our experienced evaluation team will help you analyze your existing information architecture in order to best assist you in developing a customized solution.

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