Summit 7 Systems’ QuickStart’s are fast roadmap planning and information assessments to design and develop a comprehensive framework for your SharePoint environment, compliance strategy or cloud solution. Our QuickStarts accelerate the development and deployment of your SharePoint infrastructure and provide the knowledge transfer necessary to maintain and extend SharePoint within your organization. Set your collaboration strategy in motion quickly, cost-effectively and with immediate results.

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Given the many challenges facing organizations today, whether it be collaboration, compliance, document management, or simply the need to streamline business processes, people are turning to SharePoint.  The challenge, however, is that you needed it done yesterday. To get results fast, reduce your risk, and get the most from your SharePoint investment, let the Summit 7 Systems team help you by using our proven Best Practices Methodology to guide your success.

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Making the jump to cloud computing is rarely a simple, inexpensive, or straightforward initiative. There are numerous pitfalls around Line of Business integration, Authentication, hybrid Information Architecture, and governance. Summit 7 Systems can help you get a cloud (or hosted) SharePoint implementation up quickly so you can continue to explore the benefits of off-premise computing.

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Compliance QuickStart for SharePoint provides the platform strategy that protects confidential information and ensures regulatory compliance within SharePoint, creating the right environment for solid governance. Let us show you how Compliance QuickStart can help protect your SharePoint environment from harm or misuse while increasing compliance, access and manageability.

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