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Integrate data and services to increase the efficiency of your organization as well as improve communications with partners, customers, suppliers, and employees. Let us help you develop custom solutions to help integrate these elements and manage your data.

SharePoint Platform solutions help manage critical information, integrate operations, optimize costs, and enhance communications.



Our vision was for a single intranet that would span all of our county organizations and allow managers to keep employees fully informed about our County. In addition to providing the platform for internal communications, the new intranet was to deliver a range of services and capabilities across a number of mobile platforms and devices. Summit 7 Systems was an excellent partner to execute our intranet and the project was so well received that we are launching our public site in late 2013 using their branded design for our county.Ryan J. Ellis, Records Management Officer & Systems Architect

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Learn the 5 C's of Upgrading SharePoint
Upgrading SharePoint, is a long, detailed (and sometimes costly) process. Learn what to do before you start.
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Plan for the E5 Transition
Learn about the significant changes to Microsoft’s Office 365 licensing: the introduction of the Enterprise E5 suite.
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Plan your Upgrade and Migration with a SDPS certified partner

Summit 7 Systems is uniquely positioned to provide a service that allows you to plan your SharePoint deployment through the use of your Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) benefits. Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) is a software assurance benefit for customers, which is a pre-defined paid service offering delivered by partners to plan an effective SharePoint deployment.