Summit 7 Systems Announces College Football Pick’em Contest

Summit 7 Systems Announces College Football Pick’em Contest

Posted by on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016  


Winter is coming. No, that’s not right, I mean Fall. Fall is coming. Although it’s still 95 degrees here, in a matter of weeks, we’ll transition from frying eggs on the sidewalk to cooler temperatures and color changes on the trees. Summit 7 Systems is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama – so we actually have a 5th season each year – college football season.

The colors are already changing here – from billboards to restaurants and even to the clothes worn to church – the colors they are a changing. Football season is here!

Here in the south, we rearrange everything during college football season. From community events to weddings, you just don’t schedule something during an SEC football game. The college football season officially started last weekend (August 26th) and we asked ourselves how could we get in the spirit with a little Nintex fun.

Back in March, we released our take on Basketball Bracketology. If you participated, you may remember that we had a somewhat complex Nintex Form. It was necessary for the aggregation of picks, but was more complicated than most users would want to implement. But while this showed what you can do with Nintex and a software developer, we boxed ourselves in this time. What could we do with Nintex out of the box?

A lot of us at Summit 7 Systems participate in fantasy football pick’em contests and they are a lot of fun, but I oftentimes find myself getting busy with work/life and have trouble keeping track of 10–15 picks EVERY WEEK in order to compete. With this in mind, Summit 7 Systems invites you to join us in playing what we believe will be this season’s easiest college football contest.

home_awayOne Matchup. Every Week. For Fame and Fortune.

Each week, a single college football match-up will arrive in your email inbox. We’ll stick to 1 game from the top 25 rankings. We used Nintex’s Lazy Approval so you make your prediction with an email reply of four simple letters “home” or “away.


Whaamazon gct’s at stake?

• Each week, one $25 Amazon gift card will be awarded to a random participant who picked the winning team.
• At the end of the regular season, the first and second place participants with the most correct picks (points) will win:

o $300.00 Amazon Gift Card for 1st place
o $100.00 Amazon Gift Card for 2nd place

Register to play now – and may the odds be ever in your favor!

READ: Official Rules & Regulations

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