Video Killed the Web Master

Video Killed the Web Master

Posted by on Thursday, March 24th, 2011  


Ok so, I was never a radio star, although I often wanted to be! Instead I’m just a SharePoint admin who happens to help run a website. OK, now on with the story…

The new Wiki Page layout in 2010 was a great thing to see in demos and is really a cool feature. The Wiki Page allows you to edit SharePoint content directly within the page and even add pictures without uploading them first. No content editor web parts are needed. Adding web parts to the page is easy, as well.

My initial thought on this was “About time!” and I still feel that way most of the time. However, recently I came across an issue. I am very honored to be part of the Women in SharePoint organization. I have been helping run the website and I serve as secretary on the national board of directors with some amazing women. We have our site hosted through fpweb, and as part of shared hosting, you only get foundation. This is fine for most of our needs, and we are grateful that they have donated this service to us.

We had some video interviews that we had done at an event and wanted to post these videos on our site. The videos had been uploaded to YouTube for hosting.  I thought, cool, we have 2010, we can use the Media Web Part… What I forgot was that it does not come in SharePoint Foundation! Whoops. So I thought ok. We should be able to embed it like we did in 2007, right? Not so much.

When you change to source view of the wiki page, and try to add the source code to it, it will show it successfully in the editor, but as soon as you close that and view your page, it isn’t there… and when you open the source editor it is gone! Uh oh, now what? You can’t add it to a Content Editor Web Part easily either!

Now what? How do I get this to work? Here was my solution, it was a pretty easy workaround, and for those of you who have SharePoint Foundation 2010, you might want to consider this as a no-code option. I opened SharePoint Designer and created a new, blank html page in the site pages library. On this page, I added the html code that you can pull from YouTube to display the video.

It is important to use a blank HTML page so that no master page or any other graphics or styles are displayed on the page. You’ll see why in a moment!

Once I had done that and confirmed that the page worked in the browser, I went back to my home page and added the page view web part to the page. I configured the page viewer web part to use the URL of the html page I had created and then resized the web part so no scrolling was necessary. Now, I chose to remove the chrome completely from the web part when the page is displayed, however, I could have left this and changed the title to “Women in SharePoint Video” or something like that if I wanted.

Now I have a fully functioning video embedded in my Wiki Page layout! I hope this helps someone who  may have had similar frustrations!


Happy SharePointing

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Posted by on Thursday, March 24th, 2011  

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