Who we are

More than a cool name and alliteration

Organizations want to work faster, smarter, and simpler.

Summit 7 Systems works to provide you a new way to work.

Incorporated in 2009, Summit 7 Systems was founded upon the collective concern by our two founding partners, Scott Edwards and Ben Curry, while working at NASA.  This concern was driven by the fact that technology was shifting faster than organizations could reasonably achieve promised value – Summit 7 Systems was created to enable organizations to find a new way to work.

Summit 7 Systems approach towards technology is built upon the same principles that transformed the industry through  Ben Curry and Bill English’s SharePoint Best Practices. The uniqueness of the Summit 7 approach is characterized by adaptable methodologies derived from the same practices used to put people into space. Combining NASA lessons learned with proven Best Practices is our secret sauce at Summit 7 Systems – we just adapt the recipes for a “new way to work“.


We are customer partnership driven.

Confidence, Understanding, Trajectory – This is what we provide to our customers.

Our business and services operation model is simple – customer focused, customer centric, partnership driven. We build our relationship and partnerships by being open, honest, and transparent. If this means we end projects early, recommend a solution outside our skill set, or even support a competing interest we will do it – if it is the right thing for you.

We thrive best on projects when our customers are our partners, we call this our CaaP initiative. We believe in what we do and the value we bring, but we also know that not every company needs a services (consulting) company – so much so, that we have flipped the tables and provided the justification to you that you may not need us. How’s that for straightforward and honest?


We’re in the business of transforming how companies tackle security and business processes

Fight against the average – One system, platform, and environment at a time

As humans, there is a common thread of imperfection in how we communicate, collaborate, and protect our organizations’ resources. Perfection is not our absolute goal, but average is not ok. Every member of the Summit 7 team wakes up and pours their cup of coffee or Mountain Dew; and then jumps on your project, steps on stage at a conference, pens a white paper, or turns on the mic for a new webinar – all for the sake of fighting against the average. There are far too many outside forces looking to compromise your data, getting a competitive leg up on your business, or slinging out bad advice. That is why we want to prepare our readership and our customers with the best ammo for fighting average. #loadup


There’s no I in consultant… or team

We believe in the voice of the customer and by extension, the voice of your customers.

We ask questions, but we listen. We converse, but we listen. Our discovery process is outcome driven and is built from the ground up by using conversational techniques that gather deep technical, functional, and compliance related requirements without being a solution or technically centered discovery process. Seeing is believing. Visual progress is powerful – we won’t operate in a vacuum. We embed milestones and phases in a way that continues to integrate the voice of the customer in our projects.

We know how to secure and enhance your organization

with the latest from Microsoft
Gigabytes of Data Migrated to the Cloud
Microsoft Environments Configured for Security and Compliance
Clients helped meeting federal regulations
Federal agencies supported indirectly


Federal Contractors
Any and every organization that works with the Federal Government has unique governance and security concerns. We are keen on these requirements, as over 50% of our staff previously worked in the defense industrial base.
Commercial Industries
We’ve solved content and collaboration problems for businesses within consumer goods, manufacturing, health care, non-profit services, consulting services, fossil fuels and energy, and more.
Higher Education
Since Summit 7 came on the scene – we’ve been him in the college crowd. From getting one of our first experiences supporting Texas A&M – Qatar, we now have supported over a dozen institutions across the U.S.
State/Local Government
Summit 7 supports some of the largest public school systems in the country, and has performed work for Harris County, Mecklenburg County, and Clark County – to name a few. Additionally, dozens of utility companies and state agencies have trusted us with their data.
simple goals . complex requirements
How we do it
Make IT Simple
Make IT Fast
Make IT Secure
Average amount of content unsecured per organization 75%
Organizations that have experienced a SharePoint breach in the past 2 years 50%
Percentage of Customers with Compliance Needs 95%
Office 365 configurations that organizations are unaware of 60%
Every piece of content is important to us – if it’s important to you!

Our team speaks at nearly two dozen local and national events around security and compliance every year. We kinda like this stuff.

These statistics are only a snapshot of the gaps we see in so many industries. With the introduction of new cloud technologies and transition to identity as the new control pane, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to wade through the sea of control settings and policies. Rather you’re looking to migrate, configure the Microsoft environments you have currently, or want to securely transform your business processes – our team is ready to take on your burdens… and make you look like a rockstar.

Company History

What legends are made of

December 2008
Summit 7 Systems Launched

Scott Edwards and Ben Curry incorporated Summit 7 Systems in 2008 and later moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 2009 to focus on contracting and services surrounding the Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure and the associated suite of products.

December 2009
Established as a Microsoft Partner Company
Summit 7 entered the Partner Network at inception and has accumulated nearly 50 different certifications over an 8 year period. In 2017, the company once again recertified in 11 categories – most notably Gold Cloud Productivity and Gold Collaboration and Content.
August 2010
CRN Next-Gen 250
Summit 7 makes the CRN Next-Gen 250 list for the first time. The annual list highlights up-and-coming solution providers that are new to the market, and take a smart and different approach to solution selling and integration. The Next-Gen 250 honors those solution providers zeroing in on lucrative and emerging technologies, among them cloud computing, mobility, virtualization, unified communications, business analytics and business intelligence.


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The Redemption Project
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