Solution Areas
We leave organizations better than we find them - taking workflow further.
Document Generation
Saving trees and saving time
Deploy doc gen and electronic signature to speed up paper-based processes
Workflow and Process Analytics
Improve ROI on business systems and track progress
The best workflow is the ‘workflow you know’. Our clients excel with process automation tied to process optimization.
Mobile Forms
Employees are mobile - your forms should be too
Secure mobile forms increase the likelihood a form is filled in a timely manner and correct. Clients see 60-80% increase in processing times.
Content Automation
Make content transient and actionable
Workflow does not have to be tied to direct user interaction. Content and metadata can help push processes forward behind the scenes.
Cross Platform Integration
Securely connect your data and automate without borders
Content and collaboration typically does not begin and end in the same place. Thus, clients need the ability to sync data and take action across platforms.
Line of Business Applications
Solutions as unique as your customers
Differentiate from the competition with smooth and swift applications for your staff and customers.
Savings/yr for Clients
Percentage of Errors Reduced
Percentage of time saved per process
Percentage of User Adoption Increase
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Business Solutions - Resources
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Our Methodology
A new way to work - with a customer lens

Process Improvement impacts customers at the end of the day. Though employees’ tasks can become easier, simpler, and more efficient – customers see the end result in the way of excellent service and quality. Thus, organizations must approach business process and digital transformation through the lens of customers you have and the customers you want.

With our experience across multiple industries, we have a good idea as to what can improve your services and quality. However, despite our proven best practices and solutions – some of the most inventive ideas originate with your employees. We partner with organizations to raise employee impact, shorten the gap between new technology and employees’ innovative ideas, and reduce the operational expenses.

Our Toolset

Example Business Process Improvements

Human Resources and Staffing
One of the most document-driven departments in most companies

  • On-boarding and out-processing automation
  • Health and safety training and compliance
  • Policies and Procedures portal

Security and Change Management
Lost hours generating, reviewing, and managing documents

  • Automated training and internal auditing
  • Streamlined Security Clearance and badging
  • Dashboards for incidents/ events

Contract and Vendor Management
The critical function for operations that is most archaic in how it operates

  • Non Disclosure and Teaming Agreement  processing
  • Vendor approval and contract negotiation
  • Compliance reporting

Proposal Management
A major lifeblood for business development and sales

  • RFP tracking and bid/funnel management
  • Proposal gate review automation
  • Streamlined proposal development and production

Information Technology
Both, the source for innovation and the last to receive proper attention

  • Maintenance scheduling and ticket management
  • Software and hardware refresh coordination
  • Monitoring and reporting

Distributed Workforce
For field service staff or multi-site teams

  • Reporting applications for simple and secure auditing
  • Automated approvals and process initiations
  • Remote mobile application for case workers

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