Migration Projects
Keep your budget simple and your migration complex.
Planning/ Mapping Services
Planning and mapping are the most critical components of a migration – especially when transitioning to the cloud:Azure or Office 365. After, completing over 100 migrations since the invention of SharePoint (and O365 for that matter) we’ve seen the vast changes  in data platforms as well as information architecture. If you’re simply upgrading or moving to the cloud without considering how your organization wants to work and how the tools available (OneDrive, PowerApps, etc.) enable your transformation, success will be limited.
Security/ Governance Services
99% of organizations we encounter do not have security and governance fully or properly established and configured throughout their environment. Once they move to the cloud with default settings and configurations – these organizations become less secure and eventually spend 100-500k in the first year to fix issues and remedy all of their gaps. Secure First Migrations – there’s no better way.
Integration Services
At least 75% of the cloud migrations we conduct require integration with an on-premise data source, non-Microsoft cloud platform, or other SaaS applications. All migration expenses are a waste if data sources are not well integrated and critical business systems are not synchronized. Anyone can run scripts or use a tool to move data from A to B, but workflow migration and work flow consideration is another business – we make it ours.
Migration and Validation Services
In the most simplest of terms: we move your data and files, and validate that it made it to the right place. If you haven’t considered your future governance, information architecture, integration needs, and cloud strategy yet – stop what you’re doing and look at the three areas to the left. If you’ve done the wise thing and checked these boxes, then let’s start this magic carpet ride and move you to your new castle in the sky.

Right Planning + Right Security + Right Tools

Our Toolset

More than lift and shift
Migration Methodologies
Don't just move it. Improve it.
Realize ROI by leveraging our extensive experience with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure migrations, along with a large quantity of old fashioned SharePoint upgrades and migrations. Together, we’ll create a Secure-First strategy that aligns with the goals and objectives of your business. We will show you a step-by-step plan to migration success, regardless of your data, collaboration, and/or workflow platforms. Don’t guess – know exactly what is needed to reach the next level in your Microsoft cloud maturity.
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Migration Resources
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Migrations Over the Years

On Premises

Migration Types

On Prem to On Prem
The Old Fashioned
In all likelihood this will primarily be the option for organizations looking to upgrade SharePoint to 2013 or 2016.
Cloud to Cloud
The Rocket Man
Needing to migrate to a new tenant for business and/or security reasons – we have you covered. Need to diversify your data in Azure – still covered.
On Premises to Hybrid
The Undecided
For the best of both worlds. We are experienced in integrating the best of O365 and Azure with any on-prem environment.
Workflow and Forms Migration
The Automation Relocation
The most common issues we see with self-completed migrations are related to workflow and automation. We’ve moved InfoPath forms and Nintex workflows, and bare the scars.
On Premises to Cloud
The Great Leap of Faith
Taking the cloud plunge can be daunting experience. Our team can simplify the process and help you rest easy.
Time Travel
The New Frontier
Coming Soon… In the near future we will migrate you and your data across time and space.
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